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Ty Fenwick testing our Train Horns!

After sending him a Hurricane 1.5Gal, Ty Fenwick installed it in his 4x4 and made a review of his experience.
Check it out!

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Truck King installing a Hurricane Horn!

Truck King is one of our most passtionate collaborators we work with.
He just loves train horns and specially enjoys ours.
Check out his installation video and later review!

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Off Road N Chill took one of our MasterBlaster Horn Kits!

They knew they wanted something loud. They just didn't know they would get something this loud! Check out their experience with the MasterBlaster!

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What is a Train Horn Kit?

A Horn Kit, or also known as Train Horn Kit, is a horn system composed by
an air tank – necessary to store the compressed air which will be used to blow your horn-, a compressor - the guy who pumps the air into the air tank - and a horn - the part that releases the air from the air tank -.

Generally, Train Horns are composed of two or more trumpets that feature a large
heavy-duty diaphragm and an operating system containing a solenoid valve to create a powerful sound.

Do you want to be heard miles away?

 With a Train Horn attached to your truck, they will hear you!

All Train Horns are designed to imitate the true sound of a train. But depending on the model of horn you choose, the sound may be different in pitch and decibels.

If you want to replace the weak horn on your 4x4, SUV, pickup truck and so on, with a powerful and flashy train horn, don't hesitate! At Uncle Sam's Road, we
will help you.

Enjoy the amazing look and the massive sound of a real Train Horn.

And remember ...

“Be lame or be LOUD!”

Installing a Train Horn Kit in your truck

When you start the installation of a Train Horn Kit, probably the first question you have is: "Where am I going to put everything?" Very simple! In the image on the right, we give you some ideas of where you can place the Train Horn. For the compressor and air tank, our advice is always to locate a space in the truck where they can be kept dry. All purchases of Uncle Sam’s Train Horn kits come complete with all required components and detailed instructions. 
Installing a Train Horn Kit

In the video below, we give you more details about the installation of a Train Horn KIT.

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What should you know about Train Horns before making the installation?

Different types of horns will have different volume capabilities with the Train Horns reaching up to 150dB on the higher end. Most Air Horns will be between 120-140dB with a few exceptions. Real Train Horns can be heard 4 miles away from your distance. ­

Horns themselves are legal. However, every law in every state comes down to the same principle: your horn shouldn't be unreasonably loud and you should only use it to prevent accidents. As we tell
our customers that ask about their train horn’s legality, a little bit of common sense goes a long way.

We set out to make the roads safer, not more dangerous. Everyone loves a good train horn scare, just make sure if you are going to use your horn in any way that is not prescribed by the law that you use caution and be aware of who is around you.

Air Horns are generally higher in pitch than Train Horns and higher frequency sound waves take more energy to travel, so the sound doesn't carry as well at further distances than train horns. Some air horns
don’t require as much air pressure as train horns, but all air horns require more air pressure than electric horns do.