Truck King testing our Train Horns!

Truck King is one of our most passionate collaborators we work with. He just loves train horns and specially enjoys ours. Check out his installation video and later review!

What is a Train Horn Kit?

A Horn Kit, or also known as Train Horn Kit, is a horn system composed byan air tank – necessary to store the compressed air which will be used to blow your horn-, a compressor - the guy who pumps the air into the air tank - and a horn - the part that releases the air from the air tank -.

Generally, Train Horns are composed of two or more trumpets that feature a largeheavy-duty diaphragm and an operating system containing a solenoid valve to create a powerful sound.

Do you want to be heard miles away?

Ty Fenwick testing our Train Horns!

After sending him a Hurricane 1.5Gal, Ty Fenwick installed it in his 4x4 and made a review of his experience.Check it out!