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Uncle Sam's Road is formed to provide the off-road community with an incredible train horn experience. Our focus is to provide innovative components to make your off-road wheeling experience the best it can be.

We are two brothers who started this company to deliver more people the incredible experience of the train horn world so you can reach that goal of your dream car.

With a passion for off-road motorsports and classic cars, we have built many trail specific rigs, tube chassis rock crawlers, and custom antique cars.

We own a silver 2007 JK Unlimited of two doors and a red 2007 JK Unlimited of four doors. We have been them building into capable crawlers, daily drivers and expedition travel vehicles.

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This Brand operates under FutureComm TG OÜ.

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Truck King is one of our most passionate collaborators we work with. He just loves train horns and specially enjoys ours. Check out his installation video and later review!
If you are a first-time-train-horn-buyer, you may not know which is the best option for you. Let us Help YOU!

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