Lil'Razor 0.5Gal Horn Kit

Reasons you need Lil'Razor 0.5Gal Horn Kit

You may be someone who wants to stand out on the road and separate yourself from the crowd, as there is nothing better than to be the king of the road.  

Let’s take these two cases right now, case A

You’re going out on a Monday morning and you’re totally late to work, you hop in your truck and drive to work, now on the driveway you notice there isn’t much traffic, but some cars are moving very slowly in front of you making it impossible for you to speed up your engine.  

You decide to honk right at them but since you’re using an electric honk that has a very low sound, the drivers barely hear your hunk and don’t clear the road for you. 

And then in case of B, you’re also driving late at work in your truck, but this time you have a Lil'Razor 0.5Gal train horn kit installed, and the moment you hunk  it up, every driver immediately looks back to see where this extremely loud sound comes from, and then everyone clears the road for you, and you arrive right on time at your job destination. 

Now consider how unfortunate it is to be the person in scenario A, who is  hopeless, desperate, and unable to do anything about the situation. Your boss will probably be mad at you for the rest of the week. 

Whereas in the second scenario, B, you’re the hero of the story, you are in control of your situation and you can do something to change the storyline and arrive faster to work, securing the boss’ satisfaction on you.

This wouldn’t be possible for you to happen without a Lil'Razor 0.5Gal train horn kit installed. This is why you need to buy it right now, and wave a final goodbye to all of these stressful moments and unnecessary embarrassing situations. In the following sections, we will show you some of these sound beast specifications and descriptions so that you could get to know it more and visualize how louder it will be on the road. 

Then you will get a couple of ideas about the installation process to ensure  everything goes well with your brand-new purchase.  

I - Overview of the Lil'Razor 0.5Gal Horn  

Lil'Razor 0.5Gal Horn

This is a good place to start if you don't have much room for a cool air horn. One of the best-selling Lil'Razor 0.5Gal Horn Kits is popular with beginners and riders with smaller bikes who still want to rock it. When combined, the two black horns with a 1/4" valve that came pre-installed make a high-pitched sound that will tear the paint off the walls. 

This kit demonstrates that how you blow the horn matters more than the size of the horn. Be careful not to underestimate its size! Any of our louder horns can be used with our Lil'Razor as well. 

A stealthy 0.5 Gal air system with this compact air horn is combined to it, making it ideal for any vehicle application requiring limited installation space. You can blast for three seconds at a time with the Lil'Razor 0.5 Gal Air Horn Kit, and it will be full in less than a minute! And these three seconds would be more than enough to leave any driver out of your way in a matter of seconds! Literally. 

You'll have everything you need to start honking in style. Our Lil'Razor 0.5Gal  Horn Kit, like all of our kits, comes with all of the necessary parts and clear instructions. 

(Note: Air compressors mounted on tanks do not have a complete seal. Because of this, the  manufacturer recommends that the tank/compressor system be mounted upright in an enclosed  area away from moisture, dirt, and other debris. (The warranty will be null and void if this is  not done.) 

II- The installation process of a Lil'Razor 0.5Gal Horn  

Lil'Razor 0.5Gal Horn

Installing a horn kit on a truck can seem like a daunting task, but it is a fairly  straightforward process that can be completed in just a few hours with the right  tools and some patience. Here are the steps to follow:  

1- Gather the necessary tools: 

Before you begin, make sure you have all of the necessary tools, including a  socket set, screwdrivers, wire crimpers, wire connectors, and a drill.  

2- Locate the battery: 

The first step is to locate the battery on your truck. This is where the positive lead from the horn will be connected.  

3- Mount the horn: 

Choose a location to mount the horn that is easily accessible and within reach of the battery. A common location is under the hood of the truck. Use the mounting hardware that came with the horn kit to secure the horn in place.  

4- Connect the positive lead:

Once the horn is mounted, use the wire crimpers to connect the positive lead from the horn to the positive terminal on the battery.  

5- Connect the ground lead: 

The ground leads from the horn should be connected to a metal part of the truck’s frame. Find a metal part of the truck's frame that is close to the horn and use a  screwdriver to attach the ground lead.  

6- Install the relay: 

The relay is an important part of the horn kit as it helps to ensure that the horn  receives enough power to operate properly. Find a location to mount the relay  that is close to the battery and horn. Use the mounting hardware that came with  the relay to secure it in place.  

7- Connect the wires: 

Use the wire connectors to connect the positive lead from the battery to one  terminal on the relay, and connect the positive lead from the horn to another  terminal on the relay.  

8- Test the horn: Once everything is connected, test the horn to make sure it is  working properly. If everything is installed correctly, the horn should produce a  loud and clear sound.  

By following these steps, you can successfully install a horn kit on your truck. At this point, nothing is holding you back from owning and experiencing this  one-of-a-hell beast beside you. Stop waiting and putting yourself in unfavorable positions and make your purchase from our store right away. 

You will be thanking yourself for this move before you know it!