Truck Safety on the Road

Safer On the Road. A Full-Guide to Equipping Your Truck to Safety.

More than 80% of US vehicle sales are SUVs. 

This statistic shows a high chance you are a truck owner. If this is actually the  case (which we’re sure it is); You want to equip your SUV with all of the  necessary accessories to ensure your own safety when on the road. 

On top of this, you would need to you want to make sure your truck stands out so you don’t blend in with the rest of the crowd, the goal is to make you the 1% of this 80%. Who really likes to be the average of the majority right? 

For these reasons, in this article, we will be sharing with you how to do this, as  well as tips for the general installation process of each item. 

Buckle up and get ready to turn your truck into a real Beast Engine. 

1- How to make your truck safer on the road? 

From our point of experience, the three top things to add to your vehicle are: 

1- A Train Horn 

2- LED Lights

3- Compressor for your horns. 

While these terms might be new to you, we will be discussing & explaining each and every term in the following sections in detail.  

1.1- Trains Horns: 

Train horns are an extremely popular option among massive truck owners as they produce an outstanding sound that is capable of blasting all of the other  passengers on the road. 

Its potential is surreal, as it can last up to 5-7 seconds & even more when  accompanied by the right compressor. Which we will be covering in the following paragraph.  

1.2- Compressor: 

As already highlighted, a high-quality compressor is essential for the optimal  performance of train horns. You might wonder why this might be the case, the  answer is, the compressor provides consistent airflow to the horn, enabling it to  produce a louder and more sustained sound.  

Additionally, a high-quality compressor can increase the lifespan of the horn by reducing wear and tear caused by inconsistent or insufficient airflow. With a  reliable compressor, you can ensure that your train horn will always perform at  its best and effectively communicate your presence to others on the road. 

1.3- LED Lights:  

It is agreed upon that; horns are most effective during the day. On the other hand,  during the night things would differ. Instead of using horns, many drivers rely on  Lights to notice other passengers.  

For this reason, your vehicle needs to be equipped with the best Light installation to make the road visible to you during the night, and to be seen by other drivers as well.  

In addition, we insist on having LED lights and no other types of lighting as this type of light saves energy, is environmentally friendly, is way more cost-efficient, and has a longer lifespan than normal lights. 

Adding all of these features, will not only make your driving safer, helping you to avoid all sorts of accidents, but it will also help you have a more comfortable driving experience when on the road. Especially for long driving trips that take a  lot of hours to reach from one destination to the other. 

2- How to make your truck stand out? 

Making your truck efficient is one thing, and styling it to stand out is another. While adding essential extensions can & will make your truck cooler, there are various other things to take into consideration as well. 

2.1 – Exterior - Colored LED Lights 

One way to give proper aesthetics to your trucks is to add decorative exterior LED lights in spots where it would make your SUV more visible to others, and more stylish for SUV competitions. It is not only about adding lights to the front of  your vehicle, here are some other places where you could add: 

1- Under your rearview mirror: 

It provides a unique and stylish look to your truck while also increasing visibility  during night driving 

2- Underbody: 

Installing LED lights underneath your truck can make it stand out and look more intimidating. 

3- Interior: 

Adding LED lights to the interior of your truck can create a cool and stylish  ambiance. 

4- Taillights: 

Adding LED lights to your taillights can make your truck more visible on the road and give it a unique appearance. 

All of these choices will give you pretty good options to place your colored LED  Lights and give you something to show off in front of other truck drivers.  

Below are suggestions of the best-looking lights you could use, the top three are: 

1- White: a versatile color that can be used for both interior and exterior lighting. 2- Blue: commonly used for accent lighting and can create a cool and calming atmosphere.

3- Red: often used for brake lights and emergency lighting as it is attention-grabbing. 

4- Green: this can provide a unique and vibrant look for accent lighting. 

If you’re someone who loves to mix things up, you could go with the RGB (Red,  Green, Blue), this option allows for a wide range of color options to pick and match from. 

3- What should you buy first? 

What item you pick to purchase first depends solely on your preferences, we  recommend going over every product’s description on our website and getting a  more in-depth review about all of these items. 

For a full experience, the best solution is, to sum up some budget and get the one you need the most first if getting them all together overwhelms you, and then you could keep on adding other items and extensions over time. 

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