Uncle Sam's Road First Time Buyer Guide🚂🔥

Uncle Sam's Road First Time Buyer Guide🚂🔥

It is the best time to purchase a horn kit for your vehicle. Thanks to the improvement of technology over the years, customers are getting higher quality components and a greater selection of kits than ever before. At Uncle Sam’s Road we proud ourselves of giving you the best bang for your buck and we are here to help you choose the right kit to cover your needs. We know it can be hard to choose the best option for your vehicle and your budget with so many different options to choose from. Let us help you choose the perfect kit for you.


Tips for picking the perfect horn kit for YOU:

  1. Check out our sound samples🔊 – As you go through our web you will find that every product page has sound samples listed. Make sure you hear it properly and you enjoy it before you purchase it. As a rule of thumb if you prefer a higher pitched tone you should be looking at an air horn. If you are looking for a lower pitch, go for the train horns.

  2. How much air do you need?💯 – The size of you tank while not the most important part, will determine your blast time and as well as allowing you to use your kit for other applications.You will approximately get 4 seconds of air for a two gallon tank. The bigger the air tank, the longer the blast.

  3. Make sure to find the right spot for the installation🔍 – Not everyone has a huge truck with room for the biggest kits we offer, that’s why we recommend you to have a good look at your needs. You need to have a good idea of where you will install the system before you purchase it (see recommended spots image at the end of this article).

  4. Make sure to get a high quality kit🚂 – If you are reading this you are probably checking out Uncle Sam’s Road kits. We use materials that will last through hardships while offering you the best quality and longest product-lifetime you can get on the whole market.

  5. Contact us with any questions you may have😎 – We are available either by facebook, e-amail or phone. If you have any questions you want to find an answer to, let us know and we will help you out.

Whatever your budget, we got something for you!

Whether you just want to replace your lame stock horn or want to feel like the king of the road with a horn beat, we got you covered. We have kits for under 200$ to whatever you are willing to spend. We have chosen three models to help you get started in what we offer.

Quadra Horn Kit

This is the perfect starter for anyone curious about starting out but not wanting to spend too much.

Sporting the same decibel levels as a small handgun, our QUADRA TRAIN-HORN® literally gives you the most bang for your buck. Don’t let the small size or price tag fool you! This four-chime blacked out horn outputs a sound that could be described as a car horn on steroids.

Our QUADRA TRAIN-HORN® is the simplest version of our horns, making installation much easier than in larger kits. With only a 22” by 9” footprint, Our QUADRA TRAIN-HORN® is perfect for vehicles where install space is tight.
Some basic wiring knowledge, some simple hand tools and our easy-to-understand instructions are all that's required to get up and going, making the QUADRA TRAIN-HORN® perfect for beginners. If you are wanting to replace your weak factory horn with something that sounds similar and is much louder, this is a simple and cost-effective way to do so.

MasterBlaster 1.5Gal Horn Kit

You are getting an air horn to stand out anywhere, right? What better way to be LOUD than with a loud air horn with a tune like anything yo have heard before? You will be turning heads with the MasterBlaster 3Gal Air Horn Kit with its amazing volume.

We obviously have some horns that are louder but this is one of the greatest pieces for starters who don't want to break the bank just yet. What we guarantee is that our MasterBlaster will be turning heads pretty fast! This 4-chime horn is suited to fit it at the bottom of your truck or just under the hood for example. 

We have paired our MasterBlaster Horn with our 3 Gal Air Source unit which makes it perfect for  beginners that want to go one step further or anyone on a budget that wants to stand out wherever he goes. Our 3 Gallon tank will give you up to 10 seconds of honk time. This unit is paired with a compressor that will keep you up and honking in no time.

As with all our kits, our MasterBlaster 3Gal Horn Kit comes complete with all required components and detailed instructions. 

Cyclone 3Gal Train Horn Kit

This is where the fun starts to show real hard thanks to our train horn collections.

With an incredibly loud and blast time, our Cyclone 3Gal Train Horn Kit gives you one of the loudest voices on the road so everyone will know when you come around standing out from the crowd. This kit will help you avoid incompentent drivers or random people wandering around. They will either move or skip a heartbeat which is even better.

Our beautiful matt black 4-chime Cyclone Train Horn catches your eye at first sigth and people will turn around to look either by its looks or because of its amazing sound.

This beast is paired with a compact and easy to fit anywhere 3Gal Air Source with a compressor fit to go the extra mile in delivering that air recharge you need to keep blasting your horn. The Cyclone 3Gal Train Horn Kit will give you up to 6 seconds of continuous honking time so probably your eardrums will be hurting before you run out of air. Because of the way we deliver this kit you can install it in places where space is limited having the compressor detached from the air source tank.

The Cyclone 3Gal Black Train Horn Kit is one of those investments that will be with you for a long time. As with all our kits, the Cyclone 3Gal Horn Kit comes complete with all required components and detailed instructions. 

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