ADD HoneyBadger Rear Bumper (10" Lights) | 2017-2020 Ford Raptor

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Let the HoneyBadger Light Your Trail to Greatness!

ADD HoneyBadger Rear Bumper (10" Lights) | 2017-2020 Ford Raptor

Addictive Desert Designs is the leader in the off-road aftermarket parts industry, being the first to market with our hand built custom aftermarket rear bumpers for the Ford Raptor. The HoneyBadger rear bumper is one of our toughest rear bumpers yet.

Made with 1/8" external steel plating and 3/16" internal structure plating in a modern box design provides superior rear end protection. Designed to retain the factory dual exhaust and tow hooks the form fitting bumper compliments the Ford Raptor's factory dovetail style.

Reinforced clevis mounts made from 1" steel are designed to accommodate soft shackles for additional utility. Give your Ford Raptor additional rear lighting with dual Dually mounts built into the bumper as well as mounts for 10" LED bars behind the side accent panels.

Dimple died step plates on the top of the HoneyBadger bumper provide a better surface for footwork. The HoneyBadger maintains compatibility with the Ford Raptor factory backup sensors.


    • Compatible with factory backup sensors
    • 10" LED mounts behind side accent panels
    • Dually mounts for additional lighting
    • Dimple died step plates
    • 1/8" external steel plating
    • 3/16" internal structure plating
    • Reinforced Clevis Mounts Accept Soft Shackles