ADD Bomber Front Bumper (w/ 20-Inch Lights) | 2021-2023 Ford F-150 Raptor/Raptor R

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ADD Bomber Front Bumper (w/ 20-Inch Lights) | 2021-2023 Ford F-150 Raptor/Raptor R

The ADD Offroad Bomber Front Bumper for the Ford Raptor & Raptor R has been the king of aftermarket Raptor bumpers for years. We’ve brought the Bomber to the 3rd-gen Raptor, keeping it true to it’s low-profile, aggressive styling.

Constructed from plate steel and lightweight aluminum panels, the Bomber provides protection to your truck’s front end without compromising clearance. The 3/16-inch aluminum skid plate helps to ensure that the Bomber is lighter than the OEM bumper.

The Bomber Raptor Front Bumper is offered with three lighting options: 4 Rigid 360 6-inch light mounts, 3 Baja Designs LP6 light mounts, or two 20-inch light bar mounts. Additionally, there are cube light mounts on each wing of the bumper to provide supplemental lighting options.

The bomber retains both the OEM tow hooks as well as the OEM parking sensors. As always, this bumper is fully bolt-on and Made in America.

Steel Plate Design

A modern steel plate design ensures the bumper can sit as close to flush as possible to the truck for a clean look.

Center Lights

This bumper was designed with mounts for two 20" light bars.

Side Lights

You can mount a cube light behind each side panel of the bumper.

OEM Sensors

The bumper was designed to retain the OEM parking sensors in equipped models.

    • Modern plate steel design
    • Full 3/16” aluminum skid plate
    • Weighs less than the OEM front bumper
    • Mounts for two 20" light bars
    • Retains OEM tow hooks
    • Retains OEM parking sensors
    • Fully bolt-on
    • Made in America