ADD Phantom Front Bumper | 2021-2023 Ford F-150 Raptor/Raptor R

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Unleash the Beast Within – Elevate Your Raptor's Style!


The new Phantom line of ADD bumpers are the perfect way to give your Raptor or Raptor R a unique, stylish look. This low-profile 3rd gen Raptor front bumper features a prerunner inspired arrangement.

The aggressive contours and sleek design of the Phantom are sure to set your truck apart from the rest. The bumper is constructed from plate steel for a more enhanced style, rather than the traditional tube steel.

It features a knife’s edge design that mimics the look of trailing arms, and a lightweight 3/16-inch aluminum skid plate that provides full protection without adding excess weight. The skid plate also has vented cutouts for proper intercooler air flow, making it the perfect choice for those who want style and function.

The Phantom has several lighting options, including a central 20-inch radius light bar mount and 10-inch SR light mounts behind each side panel. The bumper features sensor mounts to retain full functionality of the parking sensors.

An Adaptive Cruise Control relocation bracket is required for installation, however the intercooler does not need to be moved for proper fitment. As always, this is fully bolt-on and Made in America.

Low Profile

Not only does the Phantom fit flush to the front of the truck, but it follows the valance and fender bodylines perfectly. No matter what angle you view it from, you will be impressed.

Knife's Edge

The knife's edge design gives a sharp appearance while taking inspiration from the latest trailing arm designs seen in the racing world. This helps give your truck a unique, but aggressive style.

20" Center Light

Our universal light mount system ensures you can install any brand of 20" light in the center section of the Phantom. It is designed so that a radius or straight bar will look good.

10" Side Light

Provided tabs can be used to snuggly fit a 10" light bar behind each side panel of the bumper. The panels are open to let light pass through.

Aluminum Skid

A full 3/16" aluminum skid plate means that below the center section of the bumper, there is no steel at all. This allows for weight savings without the loss of strength.

Retains Intercooler

The Phantom was designed to fit as tight as possible while still making sure the consumer can keep their OEM intercooler. The skid plate has cutouts to make sure there is adequate airflow going through it.


    • Knife’s Edge Design
    • Low-Profile Fitment
    • Fits a 20” Radius LED Light Bar
    • Fits Two 10” SR LED Light Bars
    • Plate Steel Construction
    • Full-Size Aluminum Skid Plate with Air Vents
    • Retains OEM Intercooler
    • Retains OEM Parking Sensors
    • Retains Adaptive Cruise Control Function with Optional ACC Relocation Bracket
    • Hammer Black Powder Coat Steel
    • Satin Black Powder Coat Aluminum Accent Panels
    • Made in the USA