ADD Ford Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper | 2021-2023 Bronco

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Unleash Your Inner Warrior, Embrace the Stealth!

ADD Ford Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper | 2021-2023 Bronco

The Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper has a low-profile, modern plate steel design that stays tight to the rear of the Bronco. There are two mounting points for rear-facing cube lights, and an integrated license plate mount that also retains the license plate light.

The bumper has cutouts for the OEM parking sensors, and for non-sensor Bronco models we provide plugs for the sensor holes. The Stealth Fighter was designed to fit above and around the OEM hitch and trailer plug.

There are two reinforced clevis mounts for soft shackles that provide recovery options when driving off-road. The bumper has clearance for up to a 37-inch spare tire, and we include a third brake light relocation bracket to accommodate the larger size.

As always, this Bronco Bumper is fully bolt-on and Made in America.

Steel Plate Design

A modern plate steel design ensures the Stealth Fighter can sit as close to flush as possible to the Bronco for a clean look.

Side Lights

You can mount a cube light behind each side panel of the bumper.

OEM Features Retained

The bumper was designed to retain the OEM parking sensors, tow hitch, trailer plug, and license light in equipped models.


    • Modern Plate Steel Design
    • Low Profile Fitment Stays Tight to Rear of Truck
    • Two Rear Facing Cube Light Mounts
    • Retains OEM Parking Sensors
    • Integrated License Plate Mount That Retains OEM Light
    • Includes Relocation Bracket for Third Brake Light to Fit 37" Spare Tire
    • Reinforced Clevis Mounts Accept Soft Shackles
    • Retains OEM Hitch and Trailer Plug
    • Fully Bolt-On
    • Made in America