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Evolve LED Off Road Light Bar

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Your Gateway to Versatile and Vibrant Lighting!

Evolve LED Off Road Light Bar!

This exceptional scene light offers a dynamic lighting experience with its impressive range of 6 different brightness modes. But that's not all – it also features a captivating colorful backlight that elevates your lighting game to a whole new level. A built-in control panel empowers you to effortlessly customize brightness and backlight settings to suit your preferences, ensuring you have the perfect illumination for every occasion.

What's more, the package includes a wire harness, brackets, and a controller panel, making it a comprehensive and cost-effective lighting solution. This innovative scene light is not only a powerhouse of functionality but also stands out with a distinctive appearance and optics design that sets it apart from the crowd.

Elevate your lighting experience and make a bold statement with the Dual Row Ultra Flood Slim LED Scene Light – your all-in-one solution for vivid and adaptable lighting.

  • 6 Modes of different brightness
  • With colorful backlight 
  • Control panel to choose brightness and backlight
  • Price include wire harness, brackets, controller panel
  • Totally different appearance and optics design
Car Model
Offroad ATV, 4x4 Vehicles
IP68, CE, Rohs, ISO9001
10W and 5W chips
Beam Pattern
High/low beam,Spot/Flood, Dimmable and RGB
Color Temperature
Waterproof rate
6063 Aviation Aluminum
Available size
10inch to 50inch
RGB Multi Color