ADD HoneyBadger Front Bumper W/ Top Hoop | 2021-2023 Ford F-150 Raptor/Raptor R

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Conquer Terrain with Unrivaled Force!

ADD HoneyBadger Front Bumper W/ Top Hoop | 2021-2023 Ford F-150 Raptor/Raptor R

Our line of HoneyBadger front bumpers have arrived for the 2021-2023 Ford Raptor & 2023 Raptor R. The HoneyBadger is known for it's sharp angles and rugged style. This bumper is available with (this version), or without a top hoop.

The top of the bumper has a light mount for a 30-inch radius LED light bar, which is partially protected by the top hoop. An additional 20-inch LED light bar can be mounted in a protected position behind the Honey Badger claw cutaways.

10-inch light bars can be mounted behind each of the side panels. The HoneyBadger Raptor Front Bumper was designed to follow the body lines of the truck perfectly, while bringing a more aggressive edge to it's stance.

The steel is finished in a hammer black powder coat, while the aluminum panels are finished in a satin black powder coat. The powder coating protects your bumper from rust, and looks great doing it.

If your 2021-2023 Raptor is equipped with the 801A High package, the front parking sensors can be installed seamlessly in the bumper. If your Raptor is equipped with the 800A Standard package, we supply sensor plugs with all shipments of this bumper that can be used to plug the mount holes.

The OEM tow hooks fit perfectly underneath the bumper. As always, this bumper is fully bolt on and Made in America.


Steel Plate Design

A modern plate steel design ensures the bumper can sit as close to flush as possible to the truck for a clean look.

Center Lights

The Bomber Front Bumper allows the mounting of any brand 20-inch straight LED light bar in the center of the bumper.

Side Lights

You can snuggly fit a 10-inch light bar behind each side panel of the bumper. The panels are open to let light pass through.

OEM Sensors

The bumper was designed to retain the OEM sensors in equipped models.

Top Hoop

The top of the bumper has an included light mount for a 30-inch radius LED light bar.

**Requires Adaptive Cruise Control relocation bracket for adaptive cruise control equipped vehicles
*Will fit Raptor R

    • Fits sensor and non-sensor trucks
    • Top Hoop
    • Hammer black powder coat finish
    • Satin black powder coat panel finish
    • Mount for 20" light bar in center
    • Mount for 30" radius light bar on top
    • Mount for 10" light bars on sides
    • Modern plate steel design fits tight to front of truck
    • Retains OEM tow hooks
    • Made in America