Heretics 6" Amber LED Light Bar

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Unleash the Amber Elegance in Compact Brilliance!

Heretics 6" Amber LED Light Bar

The 6 series LED 6 inch light bar is known for its high performance and versatility in placement. Typically this light bar is used in forward-facing applications in the bumpers of trucks, jeeps, SUVs, and UTVs.

Oftentimes it is used on the sides and rear of roof racks to provide scene lighting. The housing is a CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum that makes it the most durable and high-quality housing on the market.

We use the highest-grade LEDs and circuit boards that allow this light to be as bright as it can be while still controlling heat. Internal reflectors have been designed and optimized to shape and put out the best light possible.

Make this light yours. Customize the reflector beam configuration to all spot, all flood, or combo.

Chose between a clear lens or get an amber lens for dusty and foggy conditions. Color the bezel to match your rig.

Give us a call and we'll make it happen. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA!

Vehicle Application

UTV Front Bumpers, Truck Front Bumpers. Typically lower placement and forward-facing. Often times placed on the sides and rear of roof racks to provide scene lighting. Requires aftermarket mount.


  • Designed in the USA, Patented in the USA, Manufactured in the USA, Assembled in the USA, Supported in the USA, Shipped from the USA
  • (6) 6-watt CREE LED
  • Full 30 watt
  • 4365 lumen
  • 6061 billet housing
  • 7 x 2 x 1.5
  • Amp draw of only 3 peak amps at 13.8V
  • IP68 rated Stainless steel mounts