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NightFury 3Gal Horn Kit

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Hear the NightFury 3Gal Horn Kit Sound


NightFury 3Gal Horn Kit overview

So you want to be LOUD, loud for as long as possible! And so we say, you can never have too much onboard air! More air means longer blast time for your horns and also air for your tires, airbags, power tools... With our Nightmare 3Gal Horn Kit, you get to cover all your needs so you won't have to worry about not having enough air for the job.

If you still don't want to break the bank, we offer a 3Gal air source unit with our NightFury, which will ensure a 8-Second honk time. A horn you can fit almost anywhere while still being loud as f***, you know! And so we power this unit with a top notch compressor which will keep you up and running as soon as you blow your horn.

You will have so much air you won't need to choose between making someone skip a heartbeat or make a bad driver move out of the way. You will do both! The horn also comes with the required valve pre-installed so you can be up and running in no time at all!

As with all our sets, it comes complete with all the neccessary components and detailed instructions.

(Note: Tank mounted air compressors are not fully sealed. For this reason, the manufacturer recommends the tank/compressor system be mounted in the upright position in an enclosed space away from moisture, dirt, debris, etc... Failure to mount this product as directed will void the warranty) 


Technical specifications of the NightFury 3Gal Horn Kit

Air Compressor (USR C4)
NightFury Horn 3GAL Air Tank

Color: Chrome
Material: Metal
Size: 11in x 3.9in x 6.5in
Voltage: 12V
Amperage Draw: 23A
Max Working Pressure: 200 PSI
Working Pressure: 170-200 PSI
Flow Rate: 1.76 CFM

Color: Black or Chrome
Material: Metal
Decibel: +150DB
Voltage: 12V
Size: 6.5/9/11.5/13.7in x 6.5in x 6.5in
Color: Black
Capacity: 3 Gallon (11.5L)
Max Working Pressure: 200 PSI
Working Pressure: 180 PSI
Total Ports: 6
Size: 23in x 6.3in x 7.6in


Package includes

1 x NightFury Horn
1 x 3GAL Air Tank
 x USR C4 Compressor
1 x Air Pressure Gauge
1 x Pressure Switch
1 x Safety Valve
1 x Wing Style Drain Valve
5 x Hex Head Male Plug
1 x OD Nylon Plastic Hose
1 x Fuse
1 x Thread Sealant Tape

1 x Rubber Ring
4 x Screws(Big)
4 x Screws (Small)
2 x Screws (Mini)
4 x Nut (Big)
4 x Nut (Small)
4 x Nut (Mini)
4 x Gaskets (Big)
8 x Gaskets (Small)
4 x Small Accessories



Where to install the NightFury 3Gal Horn Kit

(Pickup truck, 4x4, SUV...)
NightFury 3Gal Horn Kit